Month in Review February 2019

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February – full of celebrations, at least on my side of the screen. It is my birthday month (which means that the low-buy didn´t really happen, but I´ll post an update on that later on).

It is also my daughters birthday month, so of course we had to throw her a party.


Month in Review February
That cup of tea was well deserved


And while it wasn´t the first one at our home, it was for sure the most memorable to date. I mean, I have watched „Mean Girls“, but I did not expect to get a live version so soon.

She turned five, so the girls invited were either five or six years old. In my mind they were wearing bows in their hair, loved hot chocolate with marshmallows and would be happy to play catch and stuff like that outdoors.

Turns out I was wrong.

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Month in Review January 2019

The first month of 2019 has passed already, and as always it was a particularly grey and gloomy one here in Germany.

We did have snow, but it only lasted briefly, despite a week of bitter cold. Chilly winds, biting frost, you get the idea. Now, it is still Southern Germany, so I may exaggerate a little, but stay with me, it will help set the mood.


Month in Review January
Frozen water


And in this cold and chill (and tiny bits of snow) I took off my coat and posed for some pictures in the forest. You may have seen some of them on my Instagram already (@lindalibraloca), but I figured they’d provide viewing pleasure while I sum up the blog posts I wrote for January 2019.


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