LLL Vlogs 35 – Cake and Chanel

There are some struggles with motherhood that no one really prepares you for. And I am not talking sleepless nights and complete loss of privacy here.

I talk about the struggles you face when your kids develop their own taste and it is completely different to yours.


Pink frosting on mini cupcakes
Pink frosting on mini cupcakes


“It is a phase!” is what people tell me, and I cling on to that hope like a drowning woman. Because right now all my daughter wants is pink, glitter and unicorns. And if you know me just a little, pink, glitter and unicorns are not my style.

They used to be though, as I faintly remember. When I was around six, I had set my heart on having a princess party for my birthday, and I wanted a pink dress and pink glitter and a plastic crown to wear.

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