May 2017 Favorites and Recap

It seems to become a tradition that I start my Favorites posts mentioning one thing that would have made it into my monthly recap for sure, had I known it already when filming.

Same thing happened with my May 2017 Favorites and Recap : I had a day off work on the 23rd, managed to sit down to film AND edit this video, and the next day, casually browsing beauty blogs as you do, I learned that Sephora is coming to Germany.


May 2017 Favorites and Recap
May 2017 Favorites and Recap


Really, it is, with a set date and all, and the best thing?

Out of the few locations they picked for the launch, Heidelberg, my home town, will be one! To my understanding Sephora will open its doors as part of a warehouse chain called Galeria Kaufhof (already sporting quite a selection of beauty things) in late July, and will most likely not carry the same brands people in the US can buy there.

But as someone deeply in love with many of Sephoras own products (read about them here and here for example) I am over the moon anyway and will make sure to stop by for a shop as soon as possible.

But enough of telling you what did NOT make it into my May 2017 Favorites and Recap, on to the things I actually talk about.

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Inspired by … NARS X Steven Klein Collection for Holiday 2015

If you are not familiar with the „Inspired by…“ series, click here for an explanation.
But short story even shorter, each month I choose a seasonal ad and try to recreate the models look with colors I already own.
Dressing up and awkward posing included!

NARS X Steven Klein Collection for Holiday 2015

Up until a few days ago I was determined to recreate the Smashbox „Art, Love, Color“ look, which is very unusual and colorful, but when the first pictures of the NARS X Steven Klein Collection flooded my feed, I had a change of mind.
The pictures were impressive, totally different and a pleasure to look at.
Yes, all of them. I mean, look at that one!

Too bad I didn’t have a flower crown to match, but I managed to get a headpiece with net at least. Read more

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A natural flush – My Blush Collection

As I mentioned here before, I have a tendency to look like I am ill.

Or have had way to little sleep (which is true most of the time).
Blush Collection
My Blush Collection


To stop people from making me sit down and have a glass of water, I rely heavily on the power of blush, both powder and cream.
Again, this little overview is MAC-heavy, just because I genuinely love their products and bought a lot of them back in the days.

The Neutrals

If you would have asked me before I wrote this post which color blushes I owned the most, I would have said „Coral“ without thinking twice.
Boy, I was wrong!
Blush Collection - The neutrals
Starting at twelve o´clock, going clockwise: „Garb“, „Blush all day“, „Prim & Proper“, „Semi Precious“, „Personal Style“, „Harmony“ (all MAC)
„Garb“: Sheertone Blush, a warm golden brown.
„Blush all day“: Pro Longwear Blush, a rose brown
„Prim &Proper“: Satin, a rose brown
„Semi Precious“: MSF, a plummy brown
„Personal Style“: Beauty Powder Blush, a true neutral brown
„Harmony“: Matte, a taupe brown, great for contouring
Swatches from left to right: „Garb“, „Blush all day“, „Prim & Proper“, „Semi Precious“ (Center Colors), „Semi Precious“ (All Colors), „Harmony“

The Corals

Not as many as I thought, but as you can see all well loved and left with a dent.
Blush Collection - The corals
L to R: „Instant Chic“ (MAC), „Orgasm“ (NARS), „Fleet Fast“ (MAC)
„Instant Chic“: Sheertone Blush, a true coral (MAC)
„Orgasm“: A more pink toned coral with lots of golden shimmer (NARS)
„Fleet Fast“: Satin, pinker than „Instant Chic“, but more orange than „Orgasm“ (MAC)
Swatches L to R: „Instant Chic“, „Orgasm“, „Fleet Fast“

The Peaches

My favorite color as soon as the weather gets warmer. Again, all MAC.
Blush Collection - The peach
L to R: „Warmth of Coral“, „Peach Blossom“
„Warmth of Coral“: Mineralize Blush, despite the name more peach than coral on me.
„Persistent Peach“: Blush Ombre, recently repromoted. Mine is several years old and well loved.
L to R: „Warmth of Coral“, „Peach Blossom“

The Creams

I only got into cream blushes about two years ago, so this part of my collection is the most likely to grow.
I sneakily ordered the MAC Cream Blush in „P.S. I like you“ and didn’t include it here, but will do a separate post with it some time soon. Update: Read here!
Blush Collection - The creams
L to R: „Soft Candy“ (Max Factor), „Floral Glam“ (Essence), „Soft Cardinal“ (Max Factor)
„Soft Candy“: A true red, on the warmer side.
„Floral Glam“: Cream to Powder Blush from a long gone LE, a true red.
„Soft Cardinal“: A warm pink, great worn as eyeshadow (see here)
L to R: „Soft Candy“, „Floral Glam“, „Soft Cardinal“
A lot of products, but most of them already have a dent and I even hit pan on „Blush all day“ (great for long days, because it really last all day). I use blush every single day.
Looking at my collection, I guess I´ll take it easy on the browns for the time coming and try to find some more pinks and/or berry tones…
Which color dominates your blush stash?
What would you think I am missing?
And are you a cream or a powder girl?