October Empties 2018 – Taking out the trash 19

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The drama with the You Tube thumbnail…

I swear taking the thumbnail takes me longer than filming the actual video itself! Especially now that I´ve learned that thumbnails with faces have a higher CTR than the ones showing products only.

October Empties 2018
Literally seconds before things fell out.


CTR, for those of you wondering, means click-through-rate and stands for the number of people that click on the video after seeing the thumbnail.

I am not sure why my face would help in selling a video, but I do know for sure that it takes me ages to take a picture that doesn´t look like I am a complete moron grinning into a camera.

Maybe it is the fact that I do take the picture while holding up a basket full of empty bottles.

I guess it is kind of hard to look sane when doing that.

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Odacité Bl+C Pimples Serum – Avicenna

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Given my day job it is no surprise that I read “The physician” by Noah Gordon years ago. In fact, I have read all three novels around the dynasty of the Coles.

“Shaman”, the second one, is by far my favorite, while “Choices”, last of the three, is a waste of time. In my opinion, anyway, books are as personal as perfumes. Not that I know a thing about perfumes, but I digress.


Odacité BL+C Pimples Serum
Odacité BL+C Pimples Serum


Back to topic, or at least back to the long and windy road to the topic (Odacité Bl+C Pimples serum, in case you were confused).

If you have read “The Physician”, you are familiar with the name Ibn-Sina. If you haven´t, you might have heard about Avicenna, who is the same person just going by a Latin name. He was one of the most admired scholars of his time and wrote the standard reference of medicine, Qānūn at-Tibb.

And in Qānūn at-Tibb he mentioned several uses of Nigella sativa oil, or Black Cumin Oil, one of the three ingredients in Odacité Bl+C Pimples serum. Finally on topic!

He did however mention quite a few other treatments (ranging from disgusting to dangerous) for several diseases, so let´s dig a little deeper and see what happened since then and if the Odacité Bl+C Pimples serum stands its ground in modern days too.

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