pixi Glow Mist – Filling the gap

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You are not going to like this, my fellow blogger Siobhán from Beautylymin said.

And as she knows me and my preferences very well, I was inclined to believe her. I did however decide to still test the pixi Glow Mist. Being a blogger does come with certain responsibilities after all!

Imagine how happy I was when I learned that the pixi Glow Mist, famous for giving you a glowy complexion after doing your makeup, was actually supposed to be used in skincare.


pixi Glow Mist
pixi Glow Mist


Because, let´s face it, I apply a ton of powder every morning to avoid any kind of glow, so putting on some in form of a face mist after carefully blotting down every inch of skin would have annoyed me.

But once my day is done and I am ready to relax, I don´t care if I resemble a grease ball. I´ll oil up and shine in front of my computer screen all night.

I did share my initial thoughts on the pixi Glow Mist in my Winter Evening Skincare Routine here already, but this time I´ll give you the full details.

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