December Empties 2018 – Taking out the trash 20

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My first ever video was an Empties one. It was shortly after Christmas, I was seven months pregnant and lighting, sound and setup were awful.


December 2018 Empties
December Empties 2018


It is still live though, and I am happy I decided back then, after much uhm-ing and ah-ing, that I wanted to film. Empty containers are better shown than photographed, at least in my opinion, and having a written text on 24 different products would probably prove cumbersome to read.

I am not sure now if it is any less cumbersome to listen to me talk about the 24 empty products, but I´ll just continue blabbing on. Seeing that I managed to keep the video under ten minutes I am positive it won’t be too bad.

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pixi Lash & Line Love – My thoughts

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Back in school I learned that when writing an essay, you should always “sandwich” your arguments.

Meaning: If you are pro something, you list some points for the cause, then some against it and end with your strongest pro reason.

That way you appear to be neutral, but subtly influence people to support something just by the order you list your points.


pixi Lash & Line Love - my thoughts
pixi Lash & Line Love – my thoughts


I have always wondered if the same is true for collection reviews. I mean, there are usually products you´ll love and others that didn´t work for you, so can you influence peoples perception by the order you list them?

Let´s see how you´ll end up feeling about the new pixi Lash & Line Love * bits I want to talk about today.

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