Low Buy 2019 – The first month

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So, that low buy thing… How has it been going so far?

Well, thank you for asking! Pretty good, actually.

I admit I feel a little envious about all of you that finished a No Buy January and now are back in the game, credit card in hand, but if I am completely honest, I don´t  really need anything. (Read about my Low Buy 2019 rules here)


Low Buy 2019
This picture has nothing to do with the blog post. I just like it.


Which is actually not entirely true: I DO need a new concealer. I only have one left, the Sephora High Coverage Concealer Natural Finish in Porcelain Rosé, and the reason I still have it is because it doesn´t really work for me. It is NOT high coverage, despite the name, and only lasts three to four hours when used to conceal spots.

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pixi Retinol Tonic – Honesty

This blog post contains PR-Samples and affiliate links. Please read disclaimer

How honest are reviews supposed to be? I mean, really honest of course, at least in terms of ingredients, quality and effects on the skin.

But do you have to mention everything that comes to mind when talking about a product? I don´t think you do, but to let you be the judge, I will include one thought that might not entirely be selling the pixi Retinol Tonic. Even though I, spoiler alert, love it.

(P.S: If you want to read a review on the pixi Glow Tonic, click here)


pixi Retinol Tonic
pixi Retinol Tonic


It is the scent. It is pleasant, very light and doesn´t linger. Lavender with a bit of freshness (maybe the Jasmine? I am lost when it comes to fragrance).

But, paired with the light lavender color I can´t help but think of our all natural Frosch Lavendel Bathroom Cleaner.

A bathroom cleaner I love, but probably wouldn´t apply to my face.

Totally not selling it here, am I? Let´s see if I can still convince you that the pixi Retinol Tonic is all kinds of awesome after this introduction…

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