pixi Rose Oil Blend Review – Face oils for every occasion

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Are you sick of me talking about the pixi Rose-Infused Collection already? I would totally understand. It has been nothing but roses on here lately, and that despite the fact that Valentines Day is long gone.

Just once more, I promise, and then I will turn to other skin care. Or maybe some makeup? Well, beauty stuff.

But today we will talk about roses again. Or, more precisely: I will review the pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend.


pixi Rose Oil Blend Review
pixi Rose Oil Blend


Its is no secret that I love my oils. I have been using them for years now (although I feel they benefit me more now that my skin is more mature) and over time learned to distinguish the properties of the different blends.

Much like my mother does in the kitchen, I have an oil for every occasion: One for summer and one for winter, one for that time of month and one if my face is peeling from my retinol – each and every face oil I own is different.

The ones I use the most so far? Rosehip Oil (this one at the moment) and Jojoba Oil (this one is great, but admittedly very expensive). Both are very lightweight and beneficial for more oily skin.

And while Rose Oil is also present in the pixi Rose Oil Blend, it´s main oil is Sweet Almond Oil.

Surprised? Don´t be. Sweet Almond Oil is one of the most common oils used in skincare, and much more beneficial for the skin than rose oil itself.

But let´s make the pixi Rose Oil Blend review a little more extensive.

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Pixi skincare review – The pixi Rose-Infused Skintreats Collection

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I admit then when the package with the pixi rose collection arrived at my door step, I was the most excited about the bag it came in.

Yes, you heard that right: Nine pixi beauty items to talk about, and yours truly is gushing about the bag. In my defense though, the limited edition Rose Travel Bag (sadly no longer available) is a beauty and, more important, super handy for someone that likes to travel.


pixi skincare review
The complete pixi skintreats Rose-Infused Collection


Because while Mr. Loca is pretty content keeping up with is minimalistic skincare routine (read: shower gel head to toe) wherever we go, my more elaborate multi-step routines can prove challenging when going off the beaten track in a camper van. Seven different bottles and no place to put them in the community showers on the camp ground? I´ve been there!

Of course travel bags aren´t that new to the market (I have had my current one for five years now), but the rose and mint design offers a welcome break from the usual black or camouflage offerings.

Enough about the bag however (although I admit I am STILL pretty chuffed about receiving it), let´s focus on the pixi skincare goodies that were inside.

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