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Create before you consume

Podcasts – a few months ago, I barely ever listened to them, but fast forward to now and you will find me listening to them whenever I have a minute to spare. Nothing lifestyle related though: I have fallen for the entrepreneur version!     The ones with the Blogging and You Tube advice, the ones that make you want to sit down and work on your channels immediately, full of ideas and motivation. Of course not all episodes offer something valuable for my current situation, but for each of…

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Things you probably never thought about in your beauty products

This blogpost contains affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. A few days ago, when I was driving to dance class and put on a podcast (The Beauty Brains, sadly discontinued) to keep me entertained, I learned that in case of radioactive fallout you should NOT condition your hair. Uhm.     I admit that I don´t often think about what to do in case of a nuclear attack (actually kind of funny given that I love dystopean movies), but if I do, my beauty regimen does not have priority. So why on earth would…

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