Hairloss after pregnancy – The nightmare continues

When the postpartum hairloss kicked in after my first child, I was completely freaking out. Never in my life had I lost so much hair, and I do shed quite a lot on a regular basis anyway.


Hairloss after pregnancy
Hairloss after pregnancy


Now, the second time around, I was prepared. But that didn’t help with the freaking out part, to be honest. The only thing that helped me staying calm(er) this time around is the things I have learned about hairloss after pregnancy.

So here is a video, telling you all I know and all you can do when you are affected as well.

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Body image after giving birth

Now that you are reading this, Peanut will most likely have arrived and I will be completely caught up in the wants and needs of this tiny human being.

And while the first weeks (months?) after welcoming a new member of the family are usually spend in a fog caused by hormones, sleep deprivation and utter exhaustion, I know that I will someday emerge, look into a mirror and try my very best not to hate what I see.


Both are nursing bras... but they do have quite a different vibe to them, don't you think?
Both are nursing bras… but they do have quite a different vibe to them, don’t you think?


This post, of course, needs a disclaimer. I am fully aware of the wonder that growing a human being is, of the amazing things my body has done and that being healthy both myself and my child is the only thing that really matters.

But even if I tell myself that 100 times, and yes, I know it is superficial: I wished I´d look different than I do now anyway.

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Necessary changes and my 39 weeks bump update

I may have mentioned it a few times before: I am quite a perfectionist. I can´t do things in a relaxed, easy way, and I struggle with giving myself a break.

And as much as I tell myself that blogging is a hobby and should be treated as such, the last weeks have seen me at my desk pretty much 9 to 5, writing, scheduling and ticking off to do lists.


Ostsee im Winter (9 von 9)
Unsure about the things to come…


Just like a full-time job. Only without the salary.

It all worked out very well. I have a lot of content prescheduled, some videos prerecorded and am pretty much set until May.

But with Peanut due in early March, the question will be how I continue then.

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Stretch mark prevention and my 33 weeks bump update

I hate to be the one to break the horrible news to you, but there is no scientifically proven, fool-proof way to prevent stretch marks on a pregnant body.

The main reason for this is the fact that stretch marks are lacerations deep down in the connective tissue of the skin caused by the necessary expansion, in an area no cream or oil is able to penetrate.

Stretch mark prevention
Stretch mark prevention

But don’t loose hope. There still are some things you can do to decrease the risk a little.

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Driving home for Christmas and my 28 weeks bump update

I am writing this sitting at my parents house, back against the mantle of the fireplace, my laptop on the table that used to hold my latin books and my tea pot. My daughter is laughing while she plays with her grandparents in the next room and my sisters are about to arrive any time.

I must have spend countless hours here...
I must have spend countless hours here…

Christmas has always been the time of year where we all meet back here, joined by aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends on the 25th or 26th. And while it has been that way ever since I moved out at the age of 19, family has become even more important to me once I had my daughter.

But even if I could ramble on and on about family and get all emotional (it is almost Christmas after all), this is not going to be a soppy post.

I have some big news to share with you guys, and they needed that little introduction.

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Staying focused when working from home (plus my 24 weeks bump update)

To be honest, I am not actually „working“ from home. I am mainly off work and on modified bed rest (read here why), but I quickly found myself some projects to work on to keep me busy.

And while I love being busy, I am also big on procrastinating and watching YouTube videos, so I had to figure out ways to stay focused throughout the day.

Treats are mandatory when working, no matter where!
Treats are mandatory when working, no matter where!

Now whether you are a student, self-employed or trying to fit in blogging while balancing a full-time job and a toddler, chances are that you have done your fair share of procrastinating yourself. Most likely you have found your own way of dealing with it, but if you want to discover what works best for me, keep on reading. Read more


Pregnancy Skincare and my 20 weeks bump update

One of the most annoying things about being pregnant is that everyone feels entitled to tell you what you should or should not be doing.

Some of the most bizarre things I was told throughout my first pregnancy was to stop riding a bike because it would instantly induce labour (I was week eleven) and to stop wearing my skull t-shirt because mothers should only wear symbols of love and flowers, otherwise the baby would be scared away.

Which one is safe, which isn't?
Which one is safe, which isn’t?

These things are easily identified as complete nonsense, but there are others that concern more sensible areas like skincare or food, and these are more difficult to judge.

Now please keep in mind that while I am a physician myself, I am no obstetrician, so I will tell you what I think and what I do. Please talk to your own doctor and do what feels right for you.
Just keep in mind that most obstetricians have no major in skincare and will most likely have only a vague idea of AHA/BHA and nail polish… Read more

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