Resultime 5 expertise eye cream – The lure of Paris

To some people, something foreign will always be superior to the things they can get right next door. And some people go as far as claiming something is foreign even if it isn’t, to make it sound even fancier.


Resultime 5 expertise eye cream
Resultime 5 expertise eye cream


Case in point a woman I saw before general anesthesia many years ago. We were talking about her medication when she told me about something she was taking for her diabetes. I had honestly never heard of the product before, and she claimed that her physician had it imported all the way from France, so I had her write down the name. When I saw it written, it dawned on me what was happening: She refused to take „regular“ pills, so her doctor gave her a pretty standard medication, but pronounced it French. Believing it was more exotic than what her friends were getting, she gladly took it.

Now Resultime is a French brand, no false claims here. But the fact  is a major selling point as well. After all, the French can do no wrong! So lets see if the Resultime 5 expertise eye cream convinced me.

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