Rituals Samurai Collection – The husband tests

Mr. Loca has no interest in anything beauty related. When I want to go to a beauty shop, he claims that there is a force field at the entrance holding him back, and if I start talking skincare, he gets this look immediately that shows me he entered a state of mind located somewhere between meditation and the „Nothing Box“.

Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t slack on personal hygiene, uses deodorant, shaves, all that stuff, but if I approach him with cleanser, moisturizer or beware! a serum, he straight up refuses to even try.

Samurai series by Rituals
Samurai series by Rituals

It was a moment of weakness (he had just turned 40) and coincidence (he had left his shaving cream at home) that enabled me to actually make him buy AND use products of the Samurai range by Rituals.

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