Do you really need a moisturizer? The difference between dry and dehydrated skin

I admit, the question above is not one to be easily answered. So if you came here after a quick google search hoping for either a yes or a no, you will leave disappointed.

But most people that come here for a “yes or no” answer will leave disappointed, as I don’t believe in quick fixes, but in providing the facts you need to answer your questions yourself. Can you tell I have little kids and a teacher as mom?


Skincare Knowledge Dry vs Dehydrated
Do you really need a moisturizer?


Seriously though, there are many reasons why this question has no answer. The most important one: Because “day cream”, “moisturizer” or “night cream” are above all marketing and not necessarily able to tell you what is actually inside the product.

It is the inside that counts though, in this case the humectants, emollients and occlusives, and the question what out of these three your skin needs to be its best.

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