October Empties 2018 – Taking out the trash 19

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The drama with the You Tube thumbnail…

I swear taking the thumbnail takes me longer than filming the actual video itself! Especially now that I´ve learned that thumbnails with faces have a higher CTR than the ones showing products only.

October Empties 2018
Literally seconds before things fell out.


CTR, for those of you wondering, means click-through-rate and stands for the number of people that click on the video after seeing the thumbnail.

I am not sure why my face would help in selling a video, but I do know for sure that it takes me ages to take a picture that doesn´t look like I am a complete moron grinning into a camera.

Maybe it is the fact that I do take the picture while holding up a basket full of empty bottles.

I guess it is kind of hard to look sane when doing that.

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Sephora Rouge Lipstick Cream & Shine –

I keep telling Mr. Loca that a girl needs to have options. Which is why, despite the fact that I own more lipsticks that I could possibly use in a life span, I keep adding to my collection.

That is, of course, preposterous, if I keep doing what I am doing at the moment. Because whenever I am offered options, I choose the same colors over and over again. Which is okay, because they suit me. And which is not okay, because I am officially stuck in a makeup rut now and am going to drown in a flood of orange based reds sooner or later.


Sephora Rouge Lipstick Set - Cream & Shine
Sephora Rouge Lipstick Set – Cream & Shine


Mr. Loca, of course, will not be of much help with this issue, which is why I will turn to you, dear readers, for advice. I will show you the swatches of six of the Sephora Rouge Lipstick below. Please do tell me which one you reckon I should keep. Should I stay with the reds or venture outside my comfort zone?

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June 2017 – Favorites and Recap

I have to admit that there were times last month that I felt pretty overwhelmed. Life was very busy and hectic, and while it was all for great reasons, it was a little exhausting as well.


June 2017 Favorites and Recap
June 2017 Favorites and Recap


Soon after I uploaded my video on how to handle kids, a job and the blog (watch here if you haven´t already), I got promoted. Which is awesome and a great opportunity, but also a lot of work, given that I had to very quickly pick up a whole new topic.

So if I haven´t been around on social media as much as I used to (which wasn´t that much to begin with), that´s the explanation.

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First Impressions Sephora Makeup

After showing you my latest makeup picks I got the request to review the Sephora brand makeup. And of course I listened and put all the products I own to the test.


What to buy at Sephora
First Impressions Sephora Makeup


So here are my first impressions, with pictures taken throughout the day and my final thoughts after ten hours of weartime.

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LLL Vlogs – The Vineyard

As promised, here is Pt. 2 of our France holidays. Of course there was still a lot of food and beach involved, but I didn’t want to bore you and stuck to what was new: The vineyard.

Oh, and a bit of Sephora hauling. As you do when you are in France!

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Don´t forget to watch on You Tube and in HD, and thank you for following along our summer holiday.

Now it is back to hot tea and knit sweaters, I guess. Fall, I am ready for you!


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July 2016 Favorites

As July is almost over, it is time for another favorites post.

With the upcoming move (it is actually moving day today!) and the incredible heatwave we had, makeup had to be quick and minimal. Not that I am complaining about the heat, not in the slightest. I feel a lot more energetic and happy when the sun is out, even though our current flat with the big window fronts was probably not the best place to be throughout the day.


July 2016 Favorites
July 2016 Favorites


As far as skincare is concerned, I didn´t really try much new things. Most of it was packed away in boxes anyway, and I wanted to finish as many products as possible, to not move half empty containers.

So prepare for minimal makeup, old favorites and a short episode of #grannygonewild at the end. And blooper, of course.

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Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Face Compact – One for summer

While everyone knows and loves Sephora as a place to shop, I feel like their own makeup line doesn’t get all the love it deserves. Of course, not all of the products they do are outstanding, but there are a few that are well worth checking out.


Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Face Compact in "Light"
Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Face Compact in “Nude”


My biggest problem with Sephora though is the access. You know, I like to feel makeup before I buy it. Smell it, touch it, admire the packaging… The whole sensual experience. Problem is: there is no Sephora in Germany.

So I shop when I am in France. And this is where I bought the Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Face Compact in the color “15 Nude”.

Now I was in France September 2015. Right at the end of summer.  Right at the end of winter though I am facing another problem.

Can you guess which?

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