Ticks and trolls – my week in a nutshell

Almost everyone that shares part of his life on the internet has been subject to hateful comments. They may be targeting your content (“Your sound is awful, buy a new mic!” – Nope), your appearance (“You are an ugly old hag and I cringe just looking at you” – Then don´t), sometimes even the things you said (“That was useless information and a waste of my time. Why do you think anyone cares?” – Probably because people take the time to leave comments)


Shaving my face?
Shaving my face?


I usually don´t bother giving them any attention, quickly reply in my head and move on. One of the perks of being older is that I don´t rely on external validation as much as I did when I was younger.

Every once in a while one stays with me though, the last time earlier this week. It all started with a comment I made on someone elses Instagram post. It was a post about Darphin skincare, rich in essential oils, the scent designed to be relaxing and comforting. You´ll know by now that relaxing is a recurring theme here on the blog, and I wrote something like: “The scent of a product is so important when it comes to unwind.”

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