Firm skin – Everything you need to know

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In a world where science based blogs pop up right left and center, I want to draw attention to an aphorism that, albeit in different form, has been around for as long as 300 BCE:

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

Or, put more simple: Just because we don´t have proof that something works, that doesn´t mean that it doesn´t work. Maybe we just don´t have the research to back it up.


Firm Skin with Skin689
Two products I am currently using, both by Skin689


Especially in skin care, not all of the myriad ingredients have been put through the process of statistical and evidence based approval. Some just have been around forever, together with claims that may or may not be true.

So please do take the information I give you in this article with a pinch of salt. Just because some ingredients in the Skin 689 Firm Skin products *have not scientifically proven to firm the skin, that does not mean that they actually don´t. You have to see for yourself whether or not you think they might work for you.

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