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Is Olaplex worth it? And how does it work?

ADVERTISEMENT INFO: THIS BLOG POST USES AFFILIATE LINKS. I RECEIVED NO MONEY TO WRITE IT. PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER. If you only spend half the amount of time and money on being “naturally blonde” as I do, chances are you have heard of Olaplex. And maybe you already looked into places to go and prices to pay and, upon looking at the “cost per treatment” section, asked yourself: “Is Olaplex worth it? And how does it really work?”   Well, you have come to the right place – I have been…

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Double Cleansing – Is it good for you?

Advertisement info: This blog post uses affiliate links and features PR-Samples (gifted items). Please read disclaimer. Talking about skincare online is tricky. On the one hand it is amazing to find likeminded people that share your passion, on the other hand things can leave the “passionate” level pretty quickly and turn into an online war if specific topics are brought to the table. And one of the topics is Double Cleansing.     Something like a simple Skincare Routine post on your Instagram feed, bottles carefully decorated in a way…

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Bakuchiol vs Retinol – Which one is best for you?

This blog post uses affiliate links, so it qualifies as advertisement. Please read disclaimer. Have you heard about the latest, greatest skincare ingredient? Bio-Retinol, the natural alternative to retinol, the vegan retinol, the plant based retinol, the natural retinol – all different names for one thing: Bakuchiol.     It isn’t actually as new as people will make you believe (isn’t that always how the story goes? The Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil has been using it for a long time), but a recent study on the effects and side effects…

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