Inspired by YSL Solar Pop Collection Summer 2017

If you are not familiar with the „Inspired by…“ series, click here for an explanation.
But short story even shorter, each month I choose a seasonal ad and try to recreate the models look with colors I already own.
Dressing up and awkward posing included!

The look that made the cut this time is effortless, summery, and (quite an exception this season) not featuring blue eyeshadow and orange lips. Not that I have any issues with that combo, I quite surprisingly really like it, but I have shown it here already and was up for some diversity.


YSL Solar Pop Collection
YSL Solar Pop Collection


According to Yves Saint Laurent, the YSL Solar Pop Collection is inspired by the vibrant colors and exotic adventure of a jungle safari, which took me by surprise. I did attribute solar pop to space adventures and Sci-Fi settings, but maybe that is just me? The promo picture though, a model casually leaning against a giant stone, palm leaves in the frame, does fit into the safari picture.

At least the kind of safari that you do in elegant clothes, wearing a full face of makeup. Probably the Glamping version of a safari, without the sweating and the dust and other things that inevitably would ruin your white silken blouse.

But enough with profane reality, let´s dive into the world of makeup, where anything is possible and wearable.

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