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My quick and easy No Makeup Makeup Look

I wear makeup most days. Even if I am staying at home, I grab a few bits to make me look more put together. Quite frankly, it is not only about the looks. It is more because I have so much stuff that I really want to use, yet just one face and so little time in the mornings.     Spending a day without any makeup would be a lost day in terms of playing with products! There are days though that I just want to look awake, healthy…

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Everyday Spring Makeup tutorial – Peachy, pink and bronze

This blog post contains PR-Samples and affiliate links. Please see disclaimer. One of the many reasons I don’t celebrate Valentine´s Day is that it is just a week after my birthday. And, to put it nicely, I am not always easy to please. Not that I demand a lot of presents or look at the money spend on me, but I do expect a gift to be carefully chosen and to come with a story that explains why this, and only this, was the thing my better half picked up…

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