Easy everyday makeup tutorial – Summer 2016

I know that summer is over, but you know how it goes: So many videos to film, so little time! And even though it was my summer go to makeup look, that doesn´t mean that, paired with a vampier lip, it doesn´t work for fall as well. I may, in fact just have kept on wearing it that way…


My easy everyday makeup, Summer 2016
My easy everyday makeup, Summer 2016


Go get a hot tea, get your warm blanket and enjoy my Summer makeup look 2016!


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Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning – Move aside, Rubens!

I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong century. Maybe not my set of mind, I guess I fit perfectly into these days with my tendency to speak my mind and to long for adventures, but my appearance would have been much more appreciated around 1600: Blonde, chubby and incredibly pale? Rubens, meet your muse.


Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning
Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning


Don´t get me wrong, I really enjoy living today, when I don’t necessarily die while giving birth and have a few more options for personal expression than posing nude for a painter. But the looks? Toned, slender and bronzed, that requires a lot of effort from my side.

The toned and slender part is not the topic of this blog post though, but the healthy bronzed look on my face shall be. And the product that I use to achieve it: Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning


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Now that the snow has finally melted – Spring/Summer 2015 in Makeup

I know, Spring officially started about a month ago.
But to be honest, I didn’t feel it.
The first day of spring, I woke up to snowflakes. Well, two or three snowflakes, but that isn’t the point.
The point is: I was still feeling my heavy knits, my deep brown smokey eyes and berry lips, and going for pastels and floral skirts wasn’t exactly on the menu.

Sorting out the Makeup bag for spring

With the warmer weather slowly creeping in and green and flowers showing outdoors, that changed. And so I spend the last fortnight clicking away through ads and articles, trying to get the feeling of Spring/Summer 2015, makeup wise.
And if you, like me, expected pastels and sweet innocence, you are in for a surprise.

As always, these things are meant to be inspiration. There are no rules in makeup.

1. The Base:
Complexion should be natural looking and dewy. If you feel comfortable, going bare-faced is absolutely on trend. If, like most women out there, you want a little help, the sheerer finishes are your friend. Use Concealer to pin-point-conceal, skip powder whenever you can, and embrace your freckles.
Talking about freckles: If you don’t have them, paint them in using a brown lip pencil.
Your blush should be more of a natural flush, so soft pinks, nudes and a hint of peach are big on trend, and cream blushes have their moment.

Freckles painted on (MAC Trend Forecast SS ´15, Source)

How do I feel about it?
I like a medium coverage to cover my acne scars and I don not have the patience to pin-point conceal every morning. One thing that worked for me is covering the „problem area“ (on the centre of my cheeks mostly) with concealer and going over the top with a lighter coverage.
Also, I prefer a matte base, but have softly started adding highlighter for a more dewy finish.
A subtle blush is right up my street, and I own a variety of nude shades, so this one is easy for me.

Wearing Laura Mercier Oil-free Tinted Moisturizer in „Nude“

2. The eyes:
To my surprise, purples make a strong appearance, in eyeliner as well as eyeshadow. Usually going strong during fall and winter, this season they are here to stay.
If purple isn’t your color, blue is the way to go. From bright blue smokey eyes to teal liners, a variety of looks made me think of the late eighties. Only better.
Of course, no summer is complete without a bronze-brown smokey eye. This year with heavy, messed up liner or smoked out using charcoal, to achieve the „I partied all night“-look.
Liner in particular is smudged rather than crisp, and not necessarily stays at the lash line.

Liner is allowed everywhere. (MAC Trend Forecast S/S ´15, Source)

How do I feel about it?
I much prefer purple to blue, as I think it goes better with my eye color and complexion. And even though I have a soft spot for the lived in, smudged liner looks, they are something I would only wear on a night out, but never to work.

Purple eyeshadow (and a slightly startled look…)

3. Lips:
Setting the obvious nude paired with the smokey eyes aside, lips are bold. Red lipstick, preferably matte (or even just lipliner) are seen everywhere, but just like the purples, the berry lips are here to stay.
To set the look aside from winter berry lips, there is no lipliner used, but the edges are feathered out with your finger, giving a softer feel and an effortless vibe.

Dolce & Gabbana SS 15 (Source)

How do I feel about it?
To be honest, I am fed up with berry lips at the moment. I have had my fair share during the lasts months and crave other colors.
A matte red lip on the other hand sounds good and maybe inspires me to make more use of my gigantic collection of red shades.

How about you:
Which one of these trends are you loving?
Or will you stick to pastels?