essence longlasting lipliner – What the heart wants

The heart wants, what it wants.

How often have you heard this saying? I have heard it a lot throughout the years, and increasingly more often to justify an obsession with luxury brands.

And while I agree that you sometimes really have to follow your heart…


essence longlasting lip liner
essence longlasting lip liner


Wait. This somehow sounds like a Valentines Day post. I swear, this is not intentional, I don’t even DO Valentines Day! I guess the abundance of pink hearts must have fogged my brain.

Back on track: There are occasions where following your heart is the only option. But I firmly believe in using my brain, especially when money is involved.

Which is why I get much more excited about drugstore discoveries these days. The latest one I have been meaning to share? essence longlasting lipliner, available in a multitude of colors.

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pixi Pat Away Concealer Base – To tattoo or not to tattoo

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I have to admit, I am a fickle person. And that is what has kept me from getting a tattoo so far.

See, I grew up in a time when having a tattoo was proof of time either served as marine or in jail, but things changed when I reached adolescence and suddenly they were everywhere.

Now most of my friends are tattooed, even Mr. Loca is, and I think it is a beautiful way of self-expression and an art.

Review: pixi Pat Away Concealer Base
pixi Pat Away Concealer Base


I decided long ago that I would get a tattoo as well. I was sure of the motif, the placement, everything. But I didn´t have the money and decided to save up for it. While in the process of saving, I changed my mind. First on the placement, then on the motif, then on the placement again.


And that got me thinking. Can I really truly commit to one thing permanently etched into my skin?

Jury is still out on that, but it might be the reason why I judge every concealers coverage on its ability to potentially cover a tattoo. Could the pixi Pat Away Concealing base * do that? Let´s find out.

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pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter – Any excuse

This blog post contains PR-Samples and affiliate links. Please see disclaimer.

I don´t need more lipsticks. I DON´T need more lipsticks. I don´t need MORE lipsticks. I don´t need… Oh shut up.

Ladies and gentlemen (are there any here?) let me present you with the latest six (ha!) additions to my lipstick stash!

To be fair, I didn´t purchase them myself. They were sent to me, carefully wrapped, in the lovely pixi-green box that brightens my day whenever it appears on my doorstep. Is this an excuse?



pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter


I could have given them away, untouched, to a loyal reader.

I could have donated them to a charitable organization.

But, as I said to myself, I have an obligation. An obligation to present you, fellow lipstick lovers, with first hand experience and swatches.

Can you see I am an expert at finding excuses?

So let´s see how the pixi MatteLustre lipsticks * and the pixi Shea Butter Lip Balms * perform!

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Sephora Rouge Lipstick Cream & Shine –

I keep telling Mr. Loca that a girl needs to have options. Which is why, despite the fact that I own more lipsticks that I could possibly use in a life span, I keep adding to my collection.

That is, of course, preposterous, if I keep doing what I am doing at the moment. Because whenever I am offered options, I choose the same colors over and over again. Which is okay, because they suit me. And which is not okay, because I am officially stuck in a makeup rut now and am going to drown in a flood of orange based reds sooner or later.


Sephora Rouge Lipstick Set - Cream & Shine
Sephora Rouge Lipstick Set – Cream & Shine


Mr. Loca, of course, will not be of much help with this issue, which is why I will turn to you, dear readers, for advice. I will show you the swatches of six of the Sephora Rouge Lipstick below. Please do tell me which one you reckon I should keep. Should I stay with the reds or venture outside my comfort zone?

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Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Collection – Review and swatches

If you are a regular follower around here, you will know that red lipstick have a special place in my heart.

And that I like makeup in stick form.


Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Collection


So it comes to no surprise that one of my favorite lip products is a red lip crayon by Astor, called Va Va Voum. It is part of the Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter line, and that line recently received a few new additions.

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Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara – My Easter miracle

A little disclaimer first: I don’t want to belittle anyones religious belief and I am well aware that the miracle regarding Easter is very important for any Christian and has nothing to do with petty makeup discoveries.

But when I decided to put on some face paint for a dinner outing with my recently grown family and rummaged through my top drawer in search of a mascara, I discovered an unopened tube of Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara (in black, despite the name), and I have honestly no idea how it got there.


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara
Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara


Now you may argue that this only shows my lack of sleep and my abundance of beauty products, but despite both being absolutely true, I usually am pretty organized and know quite well what I purchased and when.

So the discovery of a mascara unknown of was a miracle to me.

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Astor Perfect Stay Fabulous lipsticks and giveaway

I have said it several times before: Red lipsticks are my weakness, and I really don’t need any more of them.

But lucky for me, no one seems to pay any attention to these claims, least of all myself, so I was very excited when a package with the new Astor lipstick range called “Perfect Stay Fabulous” arrived at my doorstep.

Astor Perfect Stay Fabulous lipsticks
Astor Perfect Stay Fabulous lipsticks


As you can see in the video, it is a lovely selection of reds with different undertones, and I had a hard time deciding which ones would find a permanent home in my makeup bag.

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Now if you want to give them a go yourself, head over to my You Tube channel to see them in action and make sure to enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter widget below.

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Spice Age” – A glimpse of the future?

If you are wondering now, why I titled this “A glimpse to the future” when the “(Sp)Ice Age” is clearly history, it just shows that you are way younger than I am.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Spice Age" and top coat
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Spice Age” and top coat


Of course I have seen and enjoyed the Ice Age series, and I am almost 100% sure that this is where the inspiration for the name came from. But when I read it, the first thought was “Dune”. Dune? Blue eyes? Spice?

Oh my… Now I feel old.

It is a movie released in 1984, based on a series of books, and while it is slightly strange and confusing, it was all the rage when I was younger. It has nothing to do with nail polish though, but it is Sci-Fi, and the assertion Sally Hansen made with “up to 14 days wear time” did sound futuristic to me.

Never mind.

Let´s see if Sally Hansens Miracle Gel nail polish in “Spice Age” did live up to the claim.

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Makeup Revolution London Redemption Iconic 3 – Why do I get bored so easily?

I get bored easily.

Not by doing something over and over again, I could happily spend my day in a fixed routine without even noticing. But if someone was to walk up to me and say: “You are happy? That´s fine. Because that is how it will stay forever more!”, I´d have an instant meltdown and run for the next plane.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe because forever is a long time and the promise of change and adventure is what I need to feel alive.

Makeup Revolution London Redemption Iconic 3 palette
Makeup Revolution London Redemption Iconic 3 palette

That may be one of the reasons I don’t like premade palettes. Even if they contained only shadows that I love (and let´s face it, there is always at least one useless one), the thought of being limited to them drives me nuts!

But here I am, bringing you a review of the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette, and I swear I have used it exclusively for two months straight! With only a few little exceptions. And a lot of complaining to my husband. Who absolutely didn’t care.

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