THE INKEY LIST Collagen Serum – Names

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Unicorn tears – if a brand decides to name their products like that, they lost me as a customer for sure. I prefer a less romantic, more to the point approach, which is why I get along so very well with The Ordinary products: The name is what is inside the bottle.

Fancy? No. But easy to work with for sure!




I recently learned the hard way though that seemingly straight forward names can be misleading! You see, when I placed my THE INKEY LIST order, I hesitated before clicking “Add to basket” when it came to THE INKEY LIST Collagen. It was recommended by Caroline Hirons, but the science behind topically applied collagen is sparse, to say the least.

It was only when I received the product that I realized my mistake: THE INKEY LIST Collagen does, in fact, not contain collagen. It targets collagen production with an amazing cocktail of peptides!

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