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THE INKEY LIST Rosehip Oil – For the soul

This blog post uses affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. Once the New Year Excitement has worn off, all we are left with is the cold, dark and grey reality of winter in Germany. No snow covered slopes to brighten the outdoors here, at least not on a regular!     When going outside seems to be no fun at all, and you need not only protective layers of clothing, but also protective layers for your soul. Now don´t tell me you don´t know what I am talking about, chocolate is…

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THE INKEY LIST Q10 – Understatement

This blog post uses affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. I admit, most company claims make me roll my eyes to the back of my head. Products allegedly shaving years of your face, singlehandedly tightening the skin around your jaw line so you look like your teenage self while transforming your undereyes from “Tired mom on a Monday” to “Bombshell on a tropical vacation” – I have seen it all.     What I haven´t seen that often though is a product that comes with reasonable claims that are, actually, an understatement! Like,…

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THE INKEY LIST Caffeine Serum – Are you extra?

  Ths blog post uses affiliate links. Please read disclaimer Now if the use of a separate eye cream is already controversial, how about using a specific serum before that? I can already see online wars raging over unexpecting blogs, fighting for wether or not the extra expense is worth it or just, well, extra.     I won´t take a stand on that today (you know I even deny the need for a separate moisturizer on my skin most of the year), but instead just present you with some…

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