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THE INKEY LIST Hyaluronic Acid – Basics

This blog post uses affiliate links and thus qualifies as advertisement.  Please read disclaimer. It is the basics that count. If you don´t have a solid foundation, you´ll never be able to build a lasting house. Not that I know even the tiniest bit about building a house – I am hard pressed to even draw one that my kids recognize – but it is a subject that I have thought a lot about over the last few weeks. Ahm, skincare basics, that is. Not building a house.     Ever…

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THE INKEY LIST Rosehip Oil – For the soul

This blog post uses affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. Once the New Year Excitement has worn off, all we are left with is the cold, dark and grey reality of winter in Germany. No snow covered slopes to brighten the outdoors here, at least not on a regular!     When going outside seems to be no fun at all, and you need not only protective layers of clothing, but also protective layers for your soul. Now don´t tell me you don´t know what I am talking about, chocolate is…

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THE INKEY LIST Retinol – New beginnings

This blogpost uses affiliate links. Please read disclaimer.   The first review of the year feels a little like the first snow. Everything looks different, feels different, and you are suddenly very conscious about the footprints you are going to leave.     Well, after the first hours of winter wonderland everything will turn into the same soggy mess it was before, slightly grey, really wet and clammy. At least this is true for German first snow, so I guess it will be true for this German Beauty Blog as…

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