Monthly Recap – Blog Post Topics November 2018

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November is done and dusted, and tomorrow will be the day I get the boxes with Christmas decoration from the basement and start randomly putting them on available surface spots.

Not kidding here, I am a lost cause when it comes to decorating, no matter how much Inspiration Boards I have on Pinterest.

But I am making an effort, for the kids mostly, as I want them to embrace the spirit of the season.


Blog Post Topics November
November Impressions


While we get all festive here, why not take the time and browse through my most recent blogposts, just in case you missed some? And if you did, consider subscribing to my Newsletter here, which I will actually send out once more than me and my mother are subscribed.

I know that having an actual mailing list is uber important for blogs, but given that we share a house I don´t think my mother needs my updates electronically.

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THE INKEY LIST Caffeine Serum – Are you extra?


Ths blog post uses affiliate links. Please read disclaimer

Now if the use of a separate eye cream is already controversial, how about using a specific serum before that? I can already see online wars raging over unexpecting blogs, fighting for wether or not the extra expense is worth it or just, well, extra.




I won´t take a stand on that today (you know I even deny the need for a separate moisturizer on my skin most of the year), but instead just present you with some ammunition so you won´t go unprepared.

It actually isn´t the first time I review a serum designed for the eye area on the blog, that honour belongs to The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate one (here, but be gentle, it was written years ago).

This time THE INKEY LIST Caffeine eye serum takes the spot light, so let´s see if I can recommend.

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