The Ordinary EUK 134° 0,1% – Superheroes

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Do you have a favorite superhero? Or a favorite super power? I have! Both actually.

My favorite superhero is Mystique, and my favorite power is her power, which is changing her appearance at will. Kind of what I try to do with makeup every day.


The Ordinary EUK 134° 0,1%
The Ordinary EUK 134° 0,1%


Don´t get me wrong, I like how I look, but being able to change it up occasionally would be fascinating.

I do feel though, that the superpower I´d need the most would be a different one: The ability to rejuvenate myself without downtime, to constantly keep going and tackle one task after the other.

The corresponding superhero? Superoxiddimutase, the antioxidant that keeps regenerating itself and tackles free oxygen radicals hour after hour after hour. And, as it happens, the main player in The Ordinary EUK 134 0,1%.

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