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THE INKEY LIST Collagen Serum – Names

This blogpost contains affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. Unicorn tears – if a brand decides to name their products like that, they lost me as a customer for sure. I prefer a less romantic, more to the point approach, which is why I get along so very well with The Ordinary products: The name is what is inside the bottle. Fancy? No. But easy to work with for sure!     I recently learned the hard way though that seemingly straight forward names can be misleading! You see, when I…

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2 % + B5 – #firstworldproblems

This blog post contains affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. Is the “feels” side of a product important to you? Or is the sensual experience secondary, as long as a product delivers? And isn´t even asking this question the epitome of #firstworldproblems? I guess it is. If a product delivers ingredientwise, shouldn´t that be the only thing that matters? Why would we spend more just to have a more pleasant experience when applying something?     A question I do ask myself quite often when it comes to The Ordinary products, and one…

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The Ordinary Serum Foundation – Habits

This blog post contains affiliate links. Please read disclaimer. I know many a blogger out there started their blog to justify a spending habit that is borderline hoarding. And I am no exception! “I want to write about it!” is a common excuse when yet another red lipstick makes its way into my basket. (But then again, who blogs about a single lipstick anymore? I´ll buy the whole line!) Mr. Loca has long learned not to question the sheer amount of parcels appearing on our doorstep.     And while…

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