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Life Update: Why I am taking a break – LLL Vlogs 52

When I uploaded this vlog to You Tube, I did of course add tags. I mean, even if this is just a rambly video of me looking pretty worn because it was the end of a long day and I desperately needed to wash my hair, even then I want it to rank in You Tube search. Actually, I have been reading a lot about SEO and ranking and videography lately, but I´ll get to that a little later.     So when I used the tag: “Taking a break”,…

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LLL Vlogs 39 – Las Fallas

From the snowy mountains right to Las Fallas, the spring festival of Valencia and the Valencia area. Sounds glamorous? Oh yes! If only I hadn’t caught my sons stomach bug and spend one of the two days we had in the beautiful city hugging the hotel room toilet. TMI? Sorry!     Oh well, kids stay with you even if you leave them at home with the grandparents, I guess. It was a blast nonetheless, and I managed to capture quite a bit of the festivities on camera. Some of the…

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LLL Vlogs 38 – Galtür

I spend the last six days wearing barely any makeup and here is what happened: Nothing. I mean, what was supposed to happen?     This is one of those annoying clickbait titles that repeatedly grace my blog lovin recommendations feed and that make me usually doubt humanity in general and beauty lovers in particular. But there, I wrote it, and it is true. I did barely wear any makeup. Not because I didn’t bring any. I did. Or because I purposefully decided to let my skin “breathe”. I didn’t.…

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