It takes 30 days to create a habit, they say.

Whenever you try to incorporate something new into your life (usually the healthy stuff like working out, meditation or snacking on celery instead of crisps), people will tell you that it takes 30 days to create a new habit.


Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof
Heidelberg Central Station


30 days of sticking to something apparently tricks your mind into accepting it as the new normal, so it gets easier to see it through.

I am not convinced though.

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LLL Vlogs 39 – Las Fallas

From the snowy mountains right to Las Fallas, the spring festival of Valencia and the Valencia area.

Sounds glamorous? Oh yes!

If only I hadn’t caught my sons stomach bug and spend one of the two days we had in the beautiful city hugging the hotel room toilet. TMI? Sorry!


Las Fallas
This was my favorite statue


Oh well, kids stay with you even if you leave them at home with the grandparents, I guess.

It was a blast nonetheless, and I managed to capture quite a bit of the festivities on camera. Some of the footage is there thanks to Mr. Loca though, who, in best You Tube husband tradition, ventured out when I couldn’t to capture some images.

And probably to escape the sounds that were emerging from the bathroom, trust me, it wasn’t pretty!

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LLL Vlogs 38 – Galtür

I spend the last six days wearing barely any makeup and here is what happened:


I mean, what was supposed to happen?


Ballunspitze, Galtür
Ballunspitze, Galtür


This is one of those annoying clickbait titles that repeatedly grace my blog lovin recommendations feed and that make me usually doubt humanity in general and beauty lovers in particular.

But there, I wrote it, and it is true. I did barely wear any makeup.

Not because I didn’t bring any. I did.

Or because I purposefully decided to let my skin „breathe“. I didn’t.

And I usually don´t wear plastic wrap underneath my foundation, so even if I wear a full face, my skin can breathe. At the amount that skin does the „breathing“ thing. But that only as a side note.

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LLL Vlogs 37 – Travel plans

Don’t be fooled by the pretty picture! There are no sunsets in this video, in fact the sun has long set and you will only get to see me, fresh from the shower (in clothes!) and with a towel wrapped around my head.

Wait, that sounds off. I didn’t obviously shower in clothes, I meant that I put on clothes after the shower to film the video.


Travel plans
Travel plans


Even though, given how I was feeling when I filmed it, I would not have been surprised if I had forgotten to get dressed. Seriously, if my head wasn’t firmly placed on my shoulders, I think I might loose it somewhere these days.

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What´s in my travel skincare bag?

While I can easily make do with one bikini, one beach cover up and two pairs of shorts to see me through a three week holiday, I used to pack everything and the kitchen sink when it came to skincare.

You see, you never know when a special firming and brightening face mask will come in handy. And which serum your skin will crave exactly on day five.


Whats in my travel skincare bag
Whats in my travel skincare bag?


And of course someone multi masking regularly needs at least four, better five different face mask options. A week.

Which never really was a problem, until I had kids. Suddenly the space in my suitcase dedicated to fancy glass jars and dropper bottles was taken over by diapers and stuffed animals and I had to start streamlining my skincare.

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Alpengasthof Schwand – Let´s go to the mountains

Revisiting a place under changed circumstances is risky business. The changed circumstances I am talking about this time is having two kids. But let me explain:

In early May we had a week off and decided, pretty spontaneously, to take the kids to the mountains. Both Mr. Loca and I are into hiking and climbing, but of course going to the mountains with kids is more about walking and eating then it is about alpine sports.


Alpengasthof Schwand
Alpengasthof Schwand


We had stayed in “Alpengasthof Schwand” twice before, both times just the two of us in the early days of our relationship. Butterflies and late breakfasts it was back then. Ah, those were the days…

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The Travel Photo Tag – my trip down memory lane

When the originally planned content didn’t happen for today, I turned to Twitter to ask whether I should do an impromptu video or just reschedule already written content.

No one answered, so I had to decide myself.

A few weeks ago the lovely Melissa from Kiss & Makeup Beauty Blog shared „The Travel Photo Tag“ on YouTube and as I had been meaning to take part anyway, I settled for a chatty trip down memory lane.

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Please feel free to share your top five pictures either in a blogpost or a video, I am in the mood for some travel stories!

Or tell me if you are planning on doing some traveling in 2016?




The Baltic Sea in winter – just breathe and relax!

Most people think of summer when they think about booking a seaside holiday. The beach, cocktails, swimming in the sea while soaking up the sun sounds like a match made in heaven.

And it is, I don’t disagree. But there is another perfect time to book a little seaside getaway, and that time is… November.

The Baltic Sea in Winter
The Baltic Sea in Winter

Of course, swimming isn’t up there on the list of November activities, but there are a lot of advantages when you travel throughout the colder months. Read more


Hidden Gems 2 – The Wholemeal Café in Takaka, NZ

If you are unfamiliar with the „Hidden Gems“, here is a little introduction.
But basically I share places I discovered while traveling that aren’t easily discovered, but worth looking out for.

The Wholemeal Café in Takaka (Picture Source)

When we were traveling New Zealands South earlier this year (already feels like a lifetime ago…), we usually went for a mid-day break from driving to explore and give Little Bean some distraction.
More often than not we paired it with a bite to eat in one of the many cafés out there. Read more


How much is too much? – Staying in Singapore

If you travel from Europe to New Zealand, you will have to do a stop over somewhere. In our case, this stop over was in Singapore.

To soften the blow of returning to everyday life after two magical months traveling, we decided to stay for a few nights on our way back, to slowly ease into going home.
And if you have spend so much time in a camper van, you are in for a little treat. At least this is what we figured when we decided to go all in and stay at the Marina Bay Sands.

Maria Bay Sands (Picture Source)

If you haven’t heard of the Marina Bay Sands before (I hadn’t), here is a little description:
„Three towers and a swimming pool at 200 meters height, as well as the worlds biggest chandelier, the „Marina Bay Sands“ offers luxury and perfect service to people staying here.“

And it did.

It was also the only place I have ever stayed at where 12 year old girls were dresses for breakfast that are worth more money than my entire wardrobe…

I know it was quite a risk, choosing a luxury hotel for a stay with a toddler, but there was nothing to worry about.
My daughter being the cute, blonde locked girl she is, always smiling, quickly won over the hearts of the mostly asian people staying there. My husband and I enjoyed the most relaxing breakfast in a long time, because we didn’t have to worry about her getting bored at all. People were stopping to talk to her, play with her, entertain her, all the stuff usually one of us has to do while the other one gulps down the coffee.

South Bay Garden

Right next to the hotel is South Bay Garden, a beautiful park with an amazing food court and lots of exotic plants and statues. It is also home to the „Supertree Grove“, metallic trees that are overgrown with plants and light up at night. Quite a sight to see, I can tell you, and the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

Marina Bay Sands, as seen from South Bay Garden

After spending the first day relaxing in the Garden, we decided it was time to head into the city for some exploring.
The public transportation system is clean, easy and effective, so there is absolutely no need to go anywhere by car.
Of course Singapore is home to many a big shopping mall (and we did visit one or the other), but I will spare you the pictures, as the inside of a mall looks similar all around the world. A special mention has to go to „The Shoppes“, the mall right next to our hotel, that houses every luxury brand there is, as well as several exquisite restaurants. Oh, and water streets with gondolas and an ice skating ground. You know, the usual…

Buddhist temple in the Chinese quarter

The real beauty though are the old parts of the city, divided into the Chinese quarter, the Indian quarter, you name it. The food you can get there is amazing, cheap and full of flavor, and to see hidden temples amongst the Singapore skyline is slightly surreal.

Singapore skyline, complete with the big ferris wheel

We did some shopping, ate lots of food and then returned to relax at the hotel pool, cocktail in hand, watching the sun set from 200 meters above ground.

Sunset at Marina Bay Sands

To be honest, our stay in Singapore was way too short to really get to know that place, but nevertheless we had a great time and are eager to return someday for a little longer.

Have you ever been to Singapore?
And what was the most luxurious place you ever stayed at?

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