Creativity – Revisiting my New Years Goals 2018

Half of the year is gone by now, and while I don´t want to join the chorus of those that express their surprise about how time is flying (it isn´t, at least not always, but I will come to that another time), I do want to take the opportunity to reflect on how far I have come with what I wanted to achieve.

And to address upcoming changes, which I, ironically, also did six months ago, in my first blog post after my Christmas break. I promise it is not a series!


Revisiting my New Years Goals 2018
Sunset on the lake – southern part of Sweden


To get up to speed, I recommend you read the blogpost first (click) and then join me in dissecting how things have evolved since.

Back in January, after thinking long and hard about it, because thinking long and hard is what you do between Christmas and New Year Eve, as long as you are not feasting and getting drunk, which for me, with two little kids, rarely happens, so after thinking long and hard about it I decided I wanted to set up a strategy. For my blog. And for You Tube. A plan for me to decide which social media to focus on, where to invest my time, everything needed to work towards the goal of making money from blogging.

Which, complete honesty here, I still don’t do.

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New Years Resolutions 2018

I have stated it numerous times before: I do not make resolutions, goals or whatever you will call them on New Years Eve.

In fact I don’t make resolutions. Ever. And I don’t actively decide on goals.

I am a Type A personality. Goals are my living, breathing existence.


New Years Resolutions 2018
New Years Resolutions 2018


Which confused Mr. Loca when he recently asked for my blogging strategy and got “Well, I don’t know… I guess it is just fun.” as an answer. After a moment of disbelief he started to laugh at me and, (quite rightly) said: “You never do things just for fun.”

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