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LLL Vlogs 38 – Galtür

I spend the last six days wearing barely any makeup and here is what happened: Nothing. I mean, what was supposed to happen?     This is one of those annoying clickbait titles that repeatedly grace my blog lovin recommendations feed and that make me usually doubt humanity in general and beauty lovers in particular. But there, I wrote it, and it is true. I did barely wear any makeup. Not because I didn’t bring any. I did. Or because I purposefully decided to let my skin “breathe”. I didn’t.…

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My everyday makeup routine – It is all lies

As much as I would love to tell you that my current everyday makeup routine was inspired by the crisp white snow against the red berries on the ilex in our garden, it would be a lie. I started wearing this makeup in early December, when the holidays rekindled my love affair with red lipsticks. Which is technically the second lie, as my love affair with red lipsticks does never need rekindling.     Around the holidays there was no snow to be seen. Just grey clouds heavy with rain…

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