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Why I think you should still play video games

“Still?” is the question I get asked most when I mention it. “You still play video games?” Yes. Yes I do.     I started at the tender age of 11, on my C 64 with 5,25“ floppy disks and classics like “Bubble Bobble”, briefly touched on the whole “Age of Empire” series in LAN-parties with friends and then discovered the world of MMORPG, namely World of Warcraft. Which just released it´s latest addon, “Battle for Azeroth”, on August 14th. Now my raiding days are behind me, I just can´t keep…

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September 2016 Favorites – Still a beauty blog, promised!

Yes, I know. This is called a beauty blog. And again, I only have one makeup item to show you in my favorites. My excuse? I don’t really have one.     But I try to make it up by rambling on about skincare and life in general, and I promise I am all settled now and will play more with my makeup throughout next month. So here they are, without further ado: My September 2016 Favorites. With bloopers.  

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