Taking out the trash IV – April 2016 Empties

Again I have been collecting my empty skincare containers and the few bits of makeup that are actually not going to be used anymore and threw all in for a video.

Taking out the trash
Taking out the trash


Go get yourself a cup of tea, as it is a long one, but you will be rewarded with mini-reviews and a whole lot of dirty packaging.


Now if that doesn’t tempt you…


Products mentioned

  • Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Cleanser (Review here)
  • AlphaH Balancing Cleanser (Review here)
  • Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster (Review here)
  • Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Pads (Review here)
  • The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth Youth Enhancing Concentrate (Review here)
  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel (Review here)
  • Organic Surge moisture boost shampoo (Review here)
  • L´Oréal Ever Rich Elixir
  • Beauty Blender
  • Avenue 22 Makeup Sponge (Review here)
  • Essie „A crewed interest“
  • Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm
  • p2 Ultra Fresh Hand Lotion
  • Wild Ferns new zealand manuka honey Conditioning Hand Cream (Review here)
  • The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector
  • LUSH New Charity Pot

What have you been finishing lately?

And have you tried any of the ones I mentioned yourself?

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  • 5 years? I thought the L’oréal Ever Rich Elixir was brand new, I actually wanted to try it, now I think I’ll pass on this one!


    • Maybe they reformulated? I bought mine a long time ago, on a spontaneous trip to Meran, because it was so spontaneous I hadn’t packed any toiletries. I haven´t done anything like that after my daughter was born, so quite a long time ago. It was one of the first trips with my now husband, if I remember correctly.

  • Good to hear the Ole Henriksen doesn’t strip your skin. And woah, you used a Beauty Blender for more than three years? That is insane! I replace mine every six months or so, haha. Smart of you to use the Charity Pot to prevent stretch marks.

    • I know it was bad, and I didn´t use it consistently, but I should have tossed it ages ago.
      The Charity Pot worked, no stretch marks again, despite the hilarious big bump.

  • I love the beauty blender

  • I really like the sound of Clearasil pads. I think they would work quite well for my acne prone skin 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • thefashionfolks

    Kind of inspired to clean out our makeup bags too! Too many products that are just laying around…!Xx


    • Yes, I have a hard time letting go of unused products as well.

  • I love the Lush Charity pot, its so smooth and leaves my skin feeling great! I’ve tried the Clearasil pads, I thought they were helping my acne but sadly it just irritated the spots and brought on a lot more ♥

    • It may have been the alcohol in it. Have you tried any other products with salicylic acid?

      • Yep, I think it must have been the Salicylic acid because I remember buying and using the Origins Super spot remover and SA was the main ingredient, it just irritated the spots. I’m steering clear now haha!

  • Great video!

    kisses Adela Acanski

  • I have Lush Charity Pot and it’s absolutely wonderful! I’ve had it for about four months now, and haven’t finished it yet since I want it to last as long as possible haha

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    • But you have to, and then repurchase. It is for a good cause!

  • Great video, I love the look of that Manuka honey cream from New Zealand and the Lush Charity pot. Have a great day 😀 Gemma x

    • Thank you, Gemma. Have you tried the Lush Charity pot yourself?

      • No I have only tried the Dream Cream from the body lotion section and I loved that so I’m very keen to try the Charity Pot. x

  • Yes, I am not too keen on the smell as well, but I keep going back to it, because it really does the job, as you said.

  • nothing feels better than actually finishing a product lol!


    • Agree. Even though it is strange, as it means you have to replace it.

  • I’m not sure when to throw away my beauty blender. I’ve had for over a year now but I don’t use it every day, it already has a few tears. I want to try the OH truth serum at some point! I know Sephora does really good OH sets, I might pick up one of those!

    Advaita | Blush Canvas

    • I got my serum in a set as well, and I have loved everything I have tried so far, so a set is really recommended.
      About the beauty blender? I am not sure. Melissa says she replaces hers every six months, which is probably hygienic, as you can never clean them as well as you could a brush, but that is pretty expensive in the long run. I didnt use mine every day as well, so I guess a year is fine? Maybe if it looks disgusting or you start breaking out for no reason.

  • thefashionsalt

    It’s a shame the Essie polish clashed with your skin tone. I’ve purchased a few nude colours that didn’t look good with my skin in the winter, but looked fine in the summer. Though I just use them on my toes. And the Lush Charity pot I’ll keep in mind for stretch marks when I get pregnant. Love the money goes to charity.

    • That polish didn´t look good all year round, but my sister will put it to good use, I am sure. The Charity Pot is a great cream even if you are not pregnant. Should you stop by a store before getting pregnant, make sure to give it a smell.

  • Toyas Tales

    With the amount of products you test out how can your skin stay so clear? You must have great genetics because if I try one new thing I break out for days until my skin adjusts.

    • My skin has never been clear, I have suffered from acne for a long time, both juvenile and adult, but it isn’t easily irritated. The amount of products I show you here is a little misleading, I have collected quite a long time. Usually I introduce one new thing after checking the ingredients and seeing if it will be beneficial for me and my skin type and the keep using it until it is finished, only introducing another new item after two weeks have passed at least. That way my routine changes quite a bit, but it isn’t too much new stuff at once.

  • I can’t wait to watch this later! I love Empties…I think I might film one pretty soon…

    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    • I already have enough stuff for two more videos lying around.

  • Super impressed with your finishing abilities!! I’d love to try some Ole Henriksen sometime..
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    • I have been very good lately, but my cabinet is still overflowing…

  • Thats quite a lot! I’ve only finished my Pixi Glow Tonic this month. I’ll be almost or finished with my Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Infusion by the end of April. I already have replacements for both. Last month I finished up Good Genes and I’m using Tidal in it’s place for now.

    • I didn´t finish all that last month, I have been collecting since the beginning of December, and I already have enough stuff to film another one or two videos, especially as I don’t want them to get that long all the time!

  • Haha I just love the title of this post! I’m surprised to see an Essie polish featured here, though I’ve certainly tried my fair share of disappointing blush/nude shades….

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • It just didn´t work with my skin tone. The formulation is great.

  • Going to settle in & watch some youtube tonight & this will be the first one! Love empties posts/videos! xx


  • I really need to discipline myself to keep the packaging of products that I’m done with. Maybe just put in in a drawer so it doesn’t bother me as much? I am about done with my Nip+Fab Glycolic pads and wants to purchase the Clearasil option but the only one that I found is this (http://www.clearasil.ca/en/pore-cleansing-pads) but it has Salicylic Acid 2% Acne Medication instead of Glycolic Acid, do you think it’s be okay for my dry skin?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • The pads I showed contain salicylic acid as well, and I don’t think I would recommend them for your skin type. If you want a gentle and hydrating glycolic acid, the PIXI Glow Tonic would be great, but it isn’t a pad.
      I have a very pretty bag where I collect all the containers, that way it doesn’t bother me at all. I couldn’t have them lying around for months otherwise.

      • Ahh, dang, thanks for letting me know, Anne. I’ll continue to purchase Nip+Fab then because the only way I could get Pixi is through online. 🙁

        • Which you should totally consider. The formulation is lovely for dry skin.

      • Ahh, dang, thanks for letting me know, Anne. I’ll continue to purchase Nip+Fab then because the only way I could get Pixi is through online. 🙁

  • I have a whole big pile of empties that I need to post about. I’m using the Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm right now. It’s good!

    • That lip balm is the one I always go back to.
      Empties are so much fun to read, I am looking forward to your blogpost.

  • Yulia

    Linda, thanks again for such a useful video! I understand why you were disappointed by that Essie colour; I had the same experience with a similar shade sold by another brand. I guess this colour just doesn’t look good on pale skin tones. Have a nice weekend!:)


  • Your videos are so good and professional! And you do have an impressive amount of empties! I’m just running out of my Mac waterproof foundation, trying to decide what foundation to get next.

    Agata http://herandmakeup.com

    • Thank you. Still not 100% satisfied, but it is improving. Which foundations are on your list to maybe replace it?

  • I should really try the bodyshop Hemp foot protector, I LOVE the hand cream. My hands get so dry in winter it’s the only thing that helps. For some reason my heels got really bad and dry this pregnancy, I haven’t put anything on them yet. Will stop by the body shop next time I’m passing! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • I don’t really like the smell, but it works great and that is all that counts. My hands have been very dry lately, much more than they usually are in spring, so I am constantly applying some sort of cream.

  • I’ve never been very lucky with Essie nail colors. Every single time I bought one I ended up being disappointed!


    • I usually love every color I get, the majority of my collection is Essie, but that shade just didn´t work.

  • Rosanna Briguglio

    Great video, I love how you go into detail about the ingredients, it’s so important but not talked about a lot!
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂
    Rosanna x

    • Ingredients is what we should shop our skincare by, it is much more important than claims brand name.

  • i wanted to know what you thought about the OH truth serum, now that you finished it up, so thanks! and i love how thoroughly used the beautyblender was!! that’s what i’m talking about, hehe

    • Have you tried anything Ole Henriksen yourself? I have been enjoying everything I used so far, quite impressive.

  • This video is soo professional! I love how you go into detail about the ingredient!
    Thanks for sharing and for the advices!
    XO Erica

  • Surbhi Suri

    This is a superb idea to make a video . I must do something like this too .
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  • Pisa

    Great idea dear! I have to do it also, because I have so many products! The video is also great, love the detailed information about the products!

    Have a wonderful day!
    XO Pisa ❤

    • You should, that way we get to see what you loved enough to finish it.

  • i love empties videos, getting ready to do one of these!
    Yukova Blog

  • The Sunday Mode

    Ah that’s so impressive, I find it so hard to finish up a whole bottle of nail polish. Usually they always get all gloggy and gross before I finish them up.


    • I dient finish it, I gave it away to my sister because the color didn’t work.

  • Poor beauty blender, at least an excuse to get a brand new one! Winter is not good for my skin and not good for my feet, I seem to ignore my feet until spring comes then I start worrying about how to get it to looking smooth, does hemp foot protector give immediate result?

    Ela BellaWorld

    • Immediate? Hm. It won’t get rid of the callus, you need to buff that away first, but it is really moisturizing.

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Loving your makeup in this video, darling, that red lipstick looks soooo gorgeous on you! x I’m so impressed with the amount of empties this month! 😀 You always introduce me to so many new, interesting products – I love the idea of a beauty blender sponge on a brush! 🙂 Also, I feel the same way about some of the Essie nail polishes, especially the lighter/nude ones. They look lovely in the packaging, but they just never look that good on me! By the way, I’m not sure whether I asked this before so apologies in advance if I did, but what camera do you use for your videos? <3 x x


    • It wasn’t jut one month, I have been collecting the empties since early December, but I am trying to finish a lot of the products I ahem started testing, so they don’t go off and I end up wasting a lot of money. It is a struggle, as I am always so tempted to immediately open my new things…

      You haven’t asked before, I use the Nikon D7200. My husband already owned a Nikon when I started taking pictures, so when we got a new one, we went for Nikon again. It is amazing, but has no flip-screen and the autofocus isn’t as great as the Canon most YTers use. A great semi-professional camera, but not designed for making videos.

      • Kay (shoesandglitter)

        I was wondering because your videos are always of great quality, although the lack of flip-screen would annoy me. I like the look of the Canon ones, but I’d ideally want something for £200 or less. Seriously thinking about YouTube here, but I want to have the proper equipment first. x

        • I think you can do great with a much more affordable camera, but as my husband did own it already, I was lucky. It doesn’t stop at the camera though, you need at least two different lenses as well, and they are pretty expensive.

          • Kay (shoesandglitter)

            The costs are the only reason why I haven’t started YouTube yet, tbh. I’d also need a light kit, a microphone and some editing software (if I do it, I wanna do it properly, if that makes sense). My current aim for YouTube is August/September – we have our holiday in May, and then we’re getting a kitten!!! :3 x x

          • Oh, a kitten! So cute!
            Th editing software isn’t expensive. I use iMovie, and fellow YTrs I know use the corresponding Windows version and it works amazing. Final Cut Pro is really not necessary.
            But a light kit and a microphone are really important. I do use a microphone or voice-over, the camera microphone works okay-ish for recording.

  • I loved the video, Linda. It’s a shame that the Essie nail varnish didn’t suit your skin tone. It looks lovely in a bottle.


    • Absolutely a shame. There just are some colors I love the look of, but never get to work on my skin. Navy in clothes is the same.

  • Dressed With Soul

    Tolle Brille, liebe Anne, Du siehst wieder super toll aus! Ich sehe schon, ich kenne natürlich wieder gar nichts, von dem, was Du hier zeigst und mir ist in diesem Monat nur meine Dove Köperlotion ausgegangen 🙂
    Schönes Wochenende!

    • Danke. Die Brille hab ich mir vor circa einem Jahr bestellt, als Experiment, und trage meine „sichere“ Brille seither gar nicht mehr.
      Körperlotion verbrauche ich auch in großen Mengen. Von Dove habe ich mal die hautstraffende Version ausprobiert, aber irgendwie haben mir glaube ich die Inhaltsstoffe dann nicht so gefallen. Oder ich war einfach nur neugierig auf was anderes.

  • The photograph in this post reminds me how much I need some new makeup sponges – they just feel different after a while, don’t they? Great video as always.


    • They do, they loose the „bounce“. Do you use beauty blender or something else?

      • I used dupes, I’ve tried eBay ones, one from Primark and the Real Techniques one. Love the Real Techniques one, really need to repurchase soon.

  • Like all the products you mentioned! Seriously need to try makeup sponges 😛

    Maireem | My Fair Autumn | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: myfairautumn

    • They are amazing for a natural finish and a quick application.

  • I couldn’t wait until spring and did a similar „stash cleaning“ at the beginning of the year. Although I go through my opened skin care and hair products and purge them frequently, it is not the case for makeup, so I found a loooot of funky smelling stuff in my drawers, eek!

    • I need to do a makeup clearout as well, this is just what I found when using my stuff. I bet there are a lot of other things still hidden in my drawers…

  • Wow your beauty blender is so well loved! 🙂 Great job finishing up so many empties!


    • My daughter loves playing with my beauty products, the products themselves don’t like it that much. I have to be extra careful to put my expensive products away.

  • Jamie RS

    These products look great and sounds amazing! I would love to try these:) Thanks for sharing 🙂

    xx Jamie | With Love, Jamie

  • idu

    I like Ole Henriksen anything. I find myself never finishing products. Wonder if i get bored with them and it’s onto the next. You look nice and fresh. By the way did the baby come in my absence? I’m thinking no or you’d not be up and ‚taking out the trash‘.


    • He did, he arrived on March 7th. Another March baby. But I did pre-record a few videos, so I could have some content to upload in the first weeks.
      I was the same with finishing products, but so much did go to waste, I try to be better.

  • Coole review und sehr detailliert! Ich will schon seit längeren so ein Make-up Sponge ausprobieren, komme irgendwie nie dazu mir eines zu kaufen. xoxo


  • sehr schöne reviews und ich hab mal das clinique moisturing gel gehabt, aber irgendwie mochte ich den geruch gar nicht 🙁 obwohl ich sehr gerne clinique produkte mag und die auch echt ne gute quali haben 😀

    • Ich mag auch viel von denen, aber der hat mir von den Inhaltsstoffen her schon nicht gefallen.

  • Love these type of posts, i never seem to be able to hold on the empty packaging to do my own :).


    • i have one bag dedicated to hold everything I finished. It is a pretty one, so I don’t mind looking at it.

  • I love a good empties. That poor poor beauty blender died a tragic death!!

    • I bet you had your fair share of mangled makeup as well.

      • To be honest, he’s never gotten into it and ruined anything! I do remember when he was younger he liked me to show him every thing and he would ohh and ahh over the sparkly stuff. It was so cute. He literally couldn’t give a shit about it now though! We’ll see if the next one is so well behaved. Haha.

        • My daughter loves touching it. And painting her face, or the walls. She’s has brushes of her own a well as an EOS lip balm, so she can get ready with me. Mr. Loca hates it.

  • Wow that is major decluterring… I’m inspired.:)

  • Bernadette

    All these products look amazing!


  • Nadia

    Didn’t have a cup of tea but a glass of water while watching 🙂 Great empties and lovely mini-reviews. Haha, my old Beauty Blender has been through a lot, just like yours. I have had a number of empty packages & bottles so have a post on them coming up. Btw, I love Essie nail polish colours so much but boy, do they chip quickly!
    xox Nadia

    • Do they? On me they last quite some time, only a Chanel polish lasted longer. Up to five days, which is pretty amazing in my world.

  • Lou

    You did so well using up so many products! x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

    • I had to, I was running out of storage space. Are you good at using up products?

  • Florin Aldea

    All these products look amazing!
    Great blog


  • Florin Aldea