Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser – The not so foaming face cleanser

Back in the day, I was all about foaming cleansers. I longed for the squeaky clean feeling they can give you, and if anyone would have told me that the oils on my face were actually important for my skins balance, fighting the signs of aging and protecting it against bacteria I would not have believed it.
Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip
Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip
Looking back, it seems very eighties: Effective, strong, uncompromising.
But this is 2014, and my preference has changed. Not only am I no longer wearing neon triangle earrings (I know they are back fashion wise, I just choose to ignore it), but I have also gotten into balm and (heaven forbid) oil cleansers!

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser, used in my morning skincare routine (see here), is actually described as slightly foaming cleanser, but it has a quite balmy feel to me.
It is said to lift grime, absorb impurities, tighten pores and gently exfoliate to leave the skin smooth, cleared and more refined. While this is a lot of claims in just one product, I tend to agree with most of them.
One of the main ingredients is clay, or to be precise “uber-expensive refined French Green Clay”. I am no expert on the clay-business, but as I understand it is called French Green Clay because it was found in France for the first time, but comes
from Morocco nowadays. (And it is green tinted, hence the Green. Just in case you were wondering.)
It contains a whole lot of minerals and trace elements, which sink into the skin while it absorbs excess oil and all the pollution the day left on your face.
Also among the ingredients is Vitamin C, a superstar in skincare, known to stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of discoloration and fight free radicals. Those two are supported by Black Pepper (improves circulation), Sandalwood (combats sensitivity), Jasmine (soothes) and Frankincense (encourages healthy cell growth), each adding to the quite earthy scent. To be
honest, it is not the most pleasant smell and I really would love the jasmine to come out more, but overall it is so subtle, I hardly notice it at all.
Quite an impressive portfolio of good stuff, considering it is a cleanser and meant to go down the sink. I pretty sure have used moisturizers with less beneficial ingredients. So just to make sure you get as much out of it as possible, leave it on for at least 60 seconds (as you should do with your cleanser anyway) and
give it a go as a face mask every once in a while.
In my opinion, a washcloth is needed for thorough removal. If I just rinse it off with water, I am left with a slightly tight feeling, as if the clay still sticks to my face.

Has it made my skin plump, youthful and porcelain (as claimed on Cult Beauty Website)?

But it has definitely helped to clear out my skin, maybe lessen the
discolouration and prevent breakouts.

Will I repurchase?

Definitely yes. I am on my third bottle and already got a backup.

Who is it suitable for?

Normal to combination skin, as stated on the bottle. Oily complexions will also find it to work quite nicely, on drier skin it will most likely be too drying. Due to the ingredient list I would recommend it for people concerned about aging, but still troubled by blemishes and impurities.

Considering it is 35 £ for 125 ml (which lasts quite some time as you just need a small amount) it may also help if you already have your own paycheck.

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