Why I don’t run – at least not at the moment

This was supposed to be a blogpost about running. I had it all planned out: How to get motivated, how to build your stamina, which gadgets or apps to use…

Дивіться, все почалося раніше цього року. Я працював дуже стабільно протягом останніх місяців і дійсно бачив результати. Я був насправді щасливим з моїм тілом, отримуючи тону і придатність. Все, що я хотіла, було бути дещо меншим, лише трохи, продовжуючи їсти все продукти явно. І щоб це досягти, я хотів повернутися до роботи.


Варикозна вена
Причина, через яку мені не дозволяється запускати зараз


Перед дітьми я їхав на біг від двох до трьох разів на тиждень, але після і після вагітності це ніколи не відбулося.

So, with determination, I made a plan. And the plan worked fine!  Once a week became a thing, with me getting faster and less resembling a beetroot after finishing.

So what happened, you might ask?

Well, I decided to get checked for varicose veins, because, vain person that I am, when filming the video on “How to get smooth, tan summer legs” I noticed one that was bothering me aesthetically.

And good thing I did, as the appointment showed not only superficial varicose veins, but a deeper problem with (already older) thrombosis, a potentially lethal condition.

That came as kind of a shock, as I don’t have any contributing risk factors. I don’t smoke, I am not overweight, nor do I suffer from diabetes or take hormonal contraception. It is just genetics and two pregnancies.

I was put on anticoagulants, compression stockings and had an operation two weeks ago. Everything went very smooth, but I am currently on a sports ban. Just light exercise as in walking, no running, no weights. For the next 30 days.

Publishing a blog post on how to get back into running now that I am, in fact, very much NOT running myself felt fake, so this slightly different blogpost was written and published instead.

Core message? Because we blog to add value, so having a core message is mandatory, am I right?

The core message is: Get your veins checked. If you do have superficial varicose veins, or any other symptoms, go talk to your doctor about them. It might just save your life.

Oh, and for those of you about to ask: Yes, I filmed the before and plan to do the after along with some background information on operation procedures and such. Is this something you would be interested in? If so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel here!


Why it is important to get checked for varicose veins
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